Um Bearhawk LSA tripá de 130HP?

Isso mesmo! Sob supervisão da Bearhawk EUA, Mike Silvernagle, o revendedor Bearhawk do Canadá,  está desenvolvendo juntamente com a UL Power Aero Engines um kit de motorização (firewall forward) para o LSA que incluirá um motor UL350IS de 130HP, com FADEC, injeção e uma hélice tripá Whirlwind. O motor será 15,8 KG (35 lbs) mais leve que um Continental O-200, terá 30 HP a mais, além de uma melhor eficiencia de conbustível. Aguardamos as novidades.


From Beartracks Q3 Newsletter

Mike Silvernagle has two interesting updates from Bearhawk Canada. First, he’s developing a variant to be called the Bearhawk Trek, which will be a Bearhawk LSA with a package of modi-fications so that it can comply with Canada’s Advanced Ultralight Aeroplane (AULA) rules. It has a gross weight of 1232 pounds and can be flown by any-one with an ultralight pilots license. Structural-ly, it is the LSA, but in Canada, any aircraft built light enough with a gross weight of 1232lbs complies.

Specifically for the Trek, but of interest to all LSA builders, Mike is working with ULPower on a complete firewall forward package. It will include the 130HP UL350IS engine, Whirlwind 3 blade prop, new motor mount, spinner and nose bowl. The UL350IS is 130hp and ends up 35lb lighter than the 100hp O-200. Other benefits of the UL include the single lever full FADEC and fuel injection.